SiaPrime is rebranding to ScPrime. The coin ticker remains SCP. Please stay tuned for details.

Cloud Storage, Better

  • Compatible
  • Easy to Use
  • Performant
  • Distributed

The SMB/Enterprise cloud storage using client-side encryption, smart contracts and blockchain security

Encrypted, Decentralized, Immutable


An SMB/Enterprise focused, S3-compatible decentralized cloud storage using smart contracts and proof-of-work blockchain. Standard cloud providers control your data and suffer data loss. The SiaPrime solution provides automatic client-side encryption, erasure coding and a redundancy schema that distributes data to dozens of storage nodes for ultra-durability with the customer never surrendering control or ownership of data. Data recovery is possible even if a majority of the nodes go offline. Full product/application launch expected in Q1/2020.

Initially based  on infrastructure protocol with 4 years of development. ScPrime is adding a fully distributed renter, critical for business adoption and cloud storage beyond simple archival use.

SiaPrime Encryption

Every object/file is encrypted on the client side with no loss of performance, ensuring only you control access to data

SiaPrime Stripe

Data is striped into multiple/identical chunks and uploaded to storage nodes fitting your requirements for performance and compliance.

Full S3 Compatibility

Web application, drive mounts and an easy to use library provide administrators and end-users flexibility while maintaining full S3 compatibility

Companies pay with fiat in 30 day increments and are charged only for what is used. Cryptocurrency transactions occur under the hood with the customer never dealing with custody or acquisition.


Multi-threaded file downloads for extreme performance


A hard fork is scheduled for block height 54550 and requires everyone to update to version above. 

Project Lead
Kenneth Scott Bell
Handle: FaustianAGI

20+ year history design / sales of video production and storage subsystems. Product development leader on the Telestream Wirecast Gear product. Extensive channel development and sales experience.

Chief Software Architect
Boris Nagaev
Handle: starius

Researcher with a focus on Bioinformatics. Strong developer using C, C++, Go, Python, Lua and others with code contributions to dozens of projects crypto and non-crypto alike. Former PhD candidate with a degree in Bioinformatics.

Core Developer
Pavel Dolgov
Handle: zer0main

Data structures and algorithms in informatics, cryptography. Strong background in software design patterns and site reliability engineering.

C, C++, Go, Lua, Python, Haskell.

Ben Nguyen
Handle: ben

Full-stack web application developer with passion for clean code. Fluent with Functional Javascript ES6 , Typescript, Observables, Angular 5, and ngrx-platform for front-end. Works with Node.js to build APIs and services as well as MongoDB

Systems Eng/Net Ops
Jay Rama
Handle: J

Systems Engineer with 15 years experience over a range of Industries, most recently Film/TV and Storage Pipelines. Decentralised Service Evangelist with a focus on Security and Privacy.

David Webb
Handle: DRmining

Siaprime evangelist with a background of trade and data analysis. Extensive customer support and relations background. Provided network administration and coordination for a global peer to peer file storage platform.

Henry Wilson
Handle: MasterHW

Computer Systems Engineering student with a soft spot for decentralized storage and networking. Close follower of just about anything tech and more than happy to steer anyone in the right direction.

If you are interested in joining the SiaPrime team, please contact us.

Mining Information

ScPrime operates on a Proof of Work blockchain based on the Blake2b algorithm. Block mining is truly decentralized with any Blake2b ASIC unit able to participate. Solo mining is possible though requires significant technical knowledge (to essentially configure a pool). The project has a good mix of proprietary and open source based pools operating with reasonable fee structures.


PPS – Fees: 1.9%


PPS – Fees: 3%

PPS – Fees: 1.9%

Luxor Mining

PPS – Fees: 2%


PPS – Fees: 1%

Mining Calculator

The number coins you can mine with a given hashrate and basic profitability.