SiaPrime Storage Node Application

New Host Incentive Bonuses

We pleased to announce new bonuses to encourage folks to add storage to the network. Sign up below for the program, set up a new host and receive 100,000 SCP to get you started. On the SiaPrime network, hosts are our version of Masternodes. While they do not participate in Consensus, hosts lock up “collateral” coins to verify the storage they are making available. At the end of a contract period, the host receives the collateral back plus storage rent income. It’s and easy and passive way to earn.

When you sign up, we’ll ship you 20,000 SCP to get set up. Upon reaching your 30 day anniversary with continuous uptime, we’ll send 80,000 SCP.

How to Join

To qualify for host incentives, you must meet the following guidelines.

  • Provide a minimum of 750GB of storage space
  • Set pricing to at least 2000 SCP/TB/Mo

First, download host software/wallet then complete the following form to sign up for the incentive program.